I shoot only one person a day.  Shoots typically last 4 to 5 hours. 
I shoot in natural light indoors and outdoors.  I don't count frames.  I shoot until we get the shot.  
Looks: Traditionally, a 'look' consists of one outfit and includes a variety of shots: theatrical, commercial, athletic, print (3/4), close up, comedic, etc... depending on your needs and wants.
We periodically stop to review our work on a large monitor as we go along.  We don't just shoot blindly and hope everything turns out well.  We review the images to make sure we both share the same vision for the photo session.  This process ensures you a variety of exceptional shots by the end of the day.
Once the shoot is over, I color correct the images.  Shooting digitally allows me the latitude of adjusting the color temp/contrast/exposure of every shot. Much like how a traditional photo lab adjusts an image in the processing stage, this process is crucial in the creation of professional quality images.
LastIy, I provide you with a personal web gallery and a private web address where your images will be located.  Only you have access to your images.  You can share this address with your agent, manager, friends or with anyone you like.  
Retouching is available. 
For further information call: 
*I shoot with a Professional Digital SLR -- the Canon "5D Mark 4" (30 megapixel), with the sharpest portrait lenses ever made -- the Canon 85mm 1.2L Mark II and the 70-200mm 2.8 IS Mark II.  I shoot in an uncompressed high-resolution 'raw' format.